Amber Malcolm

In 2014, Jason and Amber Malcom bought a farmhouse for their family and the place hadn’t been seriously cleaned in years. None of the commercial cleaners would get the place clean, so they decided to make their own. After much testing and research, they developed Sassy Lemongrassy All Purpose Cleaner. It worked great on everything but glass and kept toxic chemical out of their home. Being farmers, they would set up at local markets to sell their produce, so they started trying to sell their natural cleaning products.

The product’s popularity grew while they were developing other things like glass & appliance cleaner, laundry soap, insect repellent and more. Shabby Chick is committed to providing safe, effective, natural home products. They have grown to doing trade shows across the state, sell products in stores in Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas and available online at They also produce air & fabric freshener, carpet cleaner, lip balm and the best lotion bar we’ve ever used! Learning the manufacturing process was a challenge as the business grew from home-based to their new location. Amber’s advice for those considering going into business, “Find a mentor for everything.” You can visit Amber and Jason at 7025 Nis Drive in Duncan, and follow them on Facebook for products announcements and more!