Katrina Battle

Like many people, when Katrina was a college student, she discovered her passion for making and drinking coffee. What’s more important is that she also has a passion for helping and serving others. Put that together and you have her mission: “Coffee is my fuel, but serving other is my passion.”

Theperfectbrew was launched by Katrina Battle in October 2020 after much research and taste testing. The Fuel Collection includes, Essential Fuel, Creative Fuel, Focus Fuel, Fundamental Fuel, and even an Unleaded Fuel. She also offers several popular teas, just introduced a line of lemonade refreshers, and serves an amazing cold brew!

Katrina attends the Lawton Farmers Market, various local events, and sells her products online at https://www.theperfect-brew.com/ offering unique coffee blends in whole bean, ground, and K-cup options. She hopes to expand the business and have a coffee trailer soon. Starting her own business has been challenging but also exciting. “The greatest benefit of owning my own business is the ability to be my own boss, flexibility, and the ability to one day create jobs,” said Katrina.
Entrepreneurs are brave knowing they may fail but give it their all. Katrina said, “My advice would be to not give up because the difficult times are only temporary and to build a support system of other small business owners who will help keep you encouraged.”
It’s been a pleasure getting to know Katrina. Please help support this woman-owned business by liking her Facebook page, sharing her story, and Fuel your day with The Perfect-Brew!