Claudia Chambers Beach

Country Girl Jam

Country Girl Jam by Kayterra Farms, featuring Old-Fashioned gourmet jams, pickles and pickled items made with all natural ingredients was created by the husband and wife team of Bill & Claudia Beach. Claudia, an Oklahoma native grew up growing and preserving food on a small farm in southeastern Oklahoma with her parents. In 2009, she and her husband bought a small farm and they began making gourmet jam and jellies in the summer of 2014 and selling them locally. It wasn’t until demand for their products in 2016 exceeded the ability to produce them… did she start to think of this as a real gourmet food business.

Claudia now leases the REI Commercial Kitchen full time, can do private label manufacturing and foodservice, and was honored in 2018 with the Rising Star Award from the Choctaw Nation. We are excited to hear their business story!

Kim Isaac

Engraved With Style

Engraved With Style in Lawton, Oklahoma is owned by Ken and Kim Isaac who have lived there since 1993, when Ken was stationed at Fort Sill. Upon his retirement, they opened Infinity Computer Services in Lawton. After two decades in the IT industry, they looked for a new venture that would let them use their creativity. After a lot of research and talking to a lot of people, the Isaacs discovered a need for engraving services, so Engraved With Style was the answer.

They create personalized gifts, awards, trophies, name tags, wedding items, holiday items, engraved cups and so much more. Their focus has always been on customer service and that hasn’t changed.

The Isaacs came to REI Oklahoma to fund their new business venture. Kim also attended several workshops hosted by REI Women’s Business Center, and continues to do so to grow the business and network.

“Working with your spouse isn’t for everyone, but we make it work,” said Kim. “Really do your homework, form a realistic business plan, and use every available resource to help get started” is her advice to future entrepreneurs.

Stop by for a visit at 2322 W. Gore Blvd, Lawton, Oklahoma and be sure to follow them on Facebook to check out their latest creations!


Amber Malcolm

Shabby Chick

In 2014, Jason and Amber Malcom bought a farmhouse for their family and the place hadn’t been seriously cleaned in years. None of the commercial cleaners would get the place clean, so they decided to make their own. After much testing and research, they developed Sassy Lemongrassy All Purpose Cleaner. It worked great on everything but glass and kept toxic chemical out of their home. Being farmers, they would set up at local markets to sell their produce, so they started trying to sell their natural cleaning products.

The product’s popularity grew while they were developing other things like glass & appliance cleaner, laundry soap, insect repellent and more. Shabby Chick is committed to providing safe, effective, natural home products. They have grown to doing trade shows across the state, sell products in stores in Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas and available online at They also produce air & fabric freshener, carpet cleaner, lip balm and the best lotion bar we’ve ever used! Learning the manufacturing process was a challenge as the business grew from home-based to their new location. Amber’s advice for those considering going into business, “Find a mentor for everything.” You can visit Amber and Jason at 7025 Nis Drive in Duncan, and follow them on Facebook for products announcements and more!

MJ Brienen

Back Office Success

In 2007 MJ Brienen made the move to Oklahoma to be closer to her family. She had used QuickBooks for her previous business and she began getting asked by others for help using the software.  A Certified Pro Advisor for QuickBooks, MJ started Back Office Success, offering QuickBooks training, bookkeeping and auditing services. After attending the Noble Business Breakfast, she formed a relationship with REI Women’s Business Center and later began training small business owners how to use QuickBooks at WBC sponsored events. She encourages all business owners to do their own books for at least two years to understand that side of the business. She typically teaches one QuickBooks class a month, and has helped more than 100 clients with private tutoring. Another passion of hers is The Workbook of Life, a book originally handwritten by her father about recording every day, but important, affairs for your family. She rewrote and published the book and makes speaking appearances to promote being guided and prepared. MJ loves teaching classes and working with small business owners to achieve that Ah-Ha moment! Her tagline is “I help frustrated business owners make sense of QuickBooks” and she is very good at it!

Linda Beguin

Over The Fence Farms

What began as a hobby making pickles, has now turned into three successful businesses. In July 2012, Linda and Jerry Beguin opened Over the Fence Farms in Enid, Oklahoma. REI Women’s Business Center assisted with strategies for their growth and day-to-day operations. The company developed quickly while housed in the Business Development Center at Autry Technology Center growing to employ 7 and have their products in more than 30 retail stores by the end of 2013. Today, they offer a variety of products which can be found online and at various retailers, operate Spotted Cow Packaging, co-packing service and Barn Door Gourmet, and online business, and have plans to double their manufacturing and co-packing facility as well as number of employees. For more info on this prosperous Oklahoma company visit

Laura Ransbottom

PF Unlimited

Laura Ransbottom has been a client and friend of the Women’s Business Center since we started serving the Tulsa area. PF Unlimited in Tulsa specializes in promotional items, printing, corporate apparel, warehousing, graphic design and more!

Founded in and locally-owned since 1962 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, PF Unlimited enjoys the longevity afforded to only those companies who remain consistently client-focused and can be repeatedly relied upon to provide quality products and creative solutions on budget and on schedule. With a comprehensive suite of customizable client services including procurement, production management, graphic design, forms management, warehousing, inventory management, eSolutions, branded online company stores, fulfillment, reporting, and distribution/logistics systems, PF Unlimited is a single-source printing and promotional marketing supplier delivering value across enterprise disciplines including Management, Marketing, Procurement, Human Resources, and Finance.

Visit for more info.

Susan Chalk

Texoma Engraving

Husband-and-wife team, Kevin and Susan Chalk opened Texoma Engraving in July 2014. Susan worked in management for Walmart Corporation for many years but decided on a career shift and became the business office manager for the local university.  During this time she became involved with someone who was doing fingerprint pendants.  These were sent off to be made but her husband thought they could do the engraving.  So the engraving of products began.  Later she moved to little league uniforms then to tee shirts and on to other types of apparel.  The business does engraving on just about any medium including glass, wood and stainless steel, and they offer screen printing and embroidery on t-shirts, hats and more. Susan completed her Woman Owned Small Business Certificate in 2017.

Susan received start-up assistance, business plan assistance and marketing assistance.  She participated in the Bus Trip to Dallas Market Center to learn more about inventory and purchasing as well as networking with other women business owners.  She has taken the Quickbooks class and completed the Woman Owned Small Business certification and obtained a certificate required by the Choctaw Nation for their preferred vendor program.  Most of all REI WBC provided encouragement and support.

When Susan’s job at the university ended she opened a storefront in a rented space.  It soon became apparent she would outgrow that space.  Now, Susan has purchased a 4,000 sq ft building and will be moving into a larger space to accommodate all the machines that have been added and have space for a showroom.  There are now 4 employees working in the business and revenue has tripled.

Contact Susan at or 580.775.7333.

Leah Wietholter

Workman Forensics

Save for the 19th century pipe and monocle, Leah Wietholter is a modern day Sherlock Holmes. As a Certified Fraud Examiner, licensed private investigator, and owner of Workman Forensics in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Leah Wietholter solves the mystery of the missing money for her clients. And as with most great adventures, Leah’s began with humble means and great potential.

While working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Wietholter discovered an interest and talent for a profession rarely ventured by women: forensic accounting. Following employment with the FBI, Wietholter worked in public accounting for two years further specializing in this field as a Senior Certified Fraud Examiner. With nothing but invaluable experience and determination, Wietholter developed the concept for Workman Forensics, and within three months, the business was up and running in an appropriately unique office on 15th Street.

A participant and guest speaker with REI Women’s Business Center workshops, Wietholter loves being an entrepreneur in Oklahoma and actively participating in the community by volunteering with non-profit organizations such as Junior Achievement of Oklahoma and the Resonance Center for Women. Wietholter also serves as President for the Tulsa Chapter of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, a member of the ACFE Chapter Awards Committee and a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners Advisory Board.

During 2012, Wietholter was the City of Tulsa Mayor’s Commission on the Status of Women and the Tulsa Women’s Foundation Pinnacle Award recipient for business/corporate. Workman Forensics was nominated for both the Bixby Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year and New Business of the Year awards.

To learn more about Leah’s successful business, visit

Joan Bratcher

Arbuckle Wedding Chapel

You are in the middle of developing your business, even building a facility, when the unforeseen knocks the wind out of you and your plan. Now what do you do?

That’s what happened to Joan Bratcher when she was building the Arbuckle Wedding Chapel in Davis, Oklahoma. The former educator found herself on the other side of the learning spectrum. She didn’t know anything about selecting a builder or engineers, and she was totally unprepared when the fire marshal could not approve the architectural engineering. She was also informed that she needed evacuation plans, special doors, and signs and still had other construction requirements to meet. “I almost quit,” she said.

But, she didn’t quit. Her entrepreneurial spirit kicked in again. She met all the requirements and tapped into good resources, like REI Women’s Business Center (WBC). Here she was encouraged, met other women entrepreneurs, received quality training and made valuable contacts. She also learned the importance of a sound business plan which she reviews regularly. The WBC also opened up the world of the famous Dallas Market and she is now a buyer, something she says she could never have accomplished on her own.

For more info about this business, visit