SBA Online Classes

For REI WBC clients who want or are in need of additional assistance and want to pursue online classes, below are two avenues to explore.  After the completion of a class, clients are encouraged to visit with REI WBC staff for any additional assistance or discussion of the class.  The training classes are free and the REI WBC hopes clients use these classes to expand their knowledge.  Click on the links to begin online training.


There are many excellent online classes on the Small Business Administration website.  To find classes that may be relevant and useful for learning more about starting a business or growing an existing business go to  SBA Learning Platform | U.S. Small Business Administration

There is no charge for these classes.


DreamBuilder is a free, online learning program designed for women interested in starting or growing their own business, or for women who are simply interested in exploring the idea of entrepreneurship. The courses are cloud-based, so they are available anytime and anywhere you are connected. Building your dream of your own small business is just a click away.  And there is no cost to use the online training.

To learn more about the program and get started go to Home Page – DreamBuilder The Women’s Business Creator