Melissa Wedman

Melissa Wedman got into the business of making candy in 2013 when she began creating treats for gifts she gave to friends and family in memory of her father.

When they launched into a commercially producing artisan candy company in 2016, she used the name Mollycoddled Hash Slinger, a name she has formerly used for her blog. “Mollycoddled Hash Slinger basically translates to ‘Spoiled Chef,’” says Melissa, the Head Sugar Slinger.

In 2020, business slowed down and since they didn’t have a store-front, they got creative and began offering local porch drop-off delivery. In 2021 they were able to open their flagship retail store in northwest Oklahoma City. It has been wonderful to watch Melissa’s business grow and thrive. If you love caramels (they have so much more than that) check out her website.