Entrepreneurial Development Series


Entrepreneurial Development Series hosted by REI Women’s Business Center
The Entrepreneurial Development Series is brought to you by a partnership between  Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation and REI Women’s Business Center. The goal of the Entrepreneurial Development Series is to build a network of women in business in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area who can enhance their problem solving and other leadership abilities through shared perspectives and working together.

What is the Entrepreneurial Development Series?
The Entrepreneurial Development Series is an in-depth program which includes training and peer advisory groups for women in business on the topics of communication, leadership, and strategic growth. This multi-part, interactive training will be offered in the Tulsa area, focusing on encouraging and equipping women business leaders along the theme of Conversational Intelligence. The program will be comprised of a rotation of quarterly group training sessions, with an additional six peer advisory group sessions throughout the year. A select group of 24 participants are chosen annually.

Program Criteria:
The program is for women in the Tulsa area who:

  • Either own or operate their own business
  • Minimum of two employees
  • Have plans to grow either employment, sales or customer satisfaction within 12 to 18 months


Group Training Content:

  • The Basics of Speaking with Understanding – In this workshop the attendees gain skills to use in everyday conversations. They will leave with tools to assist them in having more powerful conversations.
  • Building Trust Among Teams & Clients – In this workshop the attendees gain skills to help build trust among teams and clients. They will leave with tools to assist them as they work with teams.
  • Conversations for Influence – In this workshop the attendees will gain skills to use in high-stakes conversations.  They will improve their overall influence,  communication impact, and leadership presence.
  • Conflict Management & Resolution – In this workshop the attendees will gain skills to assist them in difficult situations and conflicts. They will improve their ability to diagnose situations, address and correct them.

The training sessions are led by Clarity, LLC.

Peer Advisory Groups:
Will provide women with opportunities to connect, address issues in a confidential manner, receive feedback from peers and a group facilitator, and also invest in their peers by conversely providing accountability and support.

Application Process:
Consideration for the 2019-2020 Entrepreneurial Development Series will be through an application process and applicants must complete all items included in the application and intake forms below. All applications are considered confidential and will be used only for the purpose of the selection process.

The application process is to ensure a class that consists of members from diverse backgrounds, experience and industries.  Due to size restrictions of each year’s class, not all qualified candidates will necessarily be chosen.  Individuals not selected are strongly encouraged to reapply for the next year’s program.  A select group of 24 participants are chosen annually.

This program is valued at $1,250 but with support from the Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation, investment required from each participant has been reduced to $100.00 which covers all program cost, materials and meals.

Applications are due by, Tuesday, December 31, 2019.

Applicants will be personally notified of the Selection Committee’s decision.  Acceptance notices will be accompanied with an invoice for the program investment and will be due January 8, 2020.

Please download the Application Form and Intake Form and submit to wbc@reiok.org. For questions or more information, please contact us at 800-658-2823.