There is nothing more rewarding than making a difference in the lives of others. When you volunteer your time and effort to help others realize their dreams, you can feel good about yourself and supporting entrepreneurs across Oklahoma. If you are interested in becoming a speaker, consultant or event volunteer please contact us today!

Guest Speaker/Presenter
Guest speakers and presenters volunteer their time to present a workshop to entrepreneurs and business owners on their area of expertise. Business topics include financing, marketing, business planning, ecommerce, website development, social media, etc. Guest speakers and presenters are a great resource for entrepreneurs as they provide real world expertise. Guest Speakers are not to promote or directly sell their service(s) or product(s) to REI WBC clients at a workshop. If a client would like to receive information from you they would be free to do so on their own time and outside of REI WBC classes.

Consultants and mentors help entrepreneurs grow their business though advising relationships with experienced business professionals. We try to match successful businesspeople with women starting their businesses or struggling with them so they can provide real-world guidance to our clients. Consultants and mentors can make a huge difference in the lives of entrepreneurs by helping them navigate the opportunities of starting a business and the challenges of running a business.

Event Volunteer
The REI WBC hosts a number of events each year. These events serve to promote the organization, fundraise or start and grow partnerships. These are fun events and are a great place to network. The REI WBC is looking for volunteers to help with the set-up, organization, and registration of guests and clean-up of these events.